10 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Game

You’ve Got Mail. No, you have not slipped into a time warp that spat you out at a moment in the not too distant past. Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal. In fact, it is far better than social media when it comes to generating leads. That’s partly because Email Marketing is the most direct form of communication that exists in today’s world of new technology.

But there is a bit of a science behind making email marketing programs work for your specific product or service. Once you get these tips in place, you should be able to create some very successful direct marketing campaigns. Let my experience with this form of marketing show you precisely what you need to do in order to achieve goals and score successes.

Here’s how you can turn email into a vital part of your direct marketing strategy:

1. Create A Kickass New Campaign

Even if you are not sure where to start, take a look at what the newest offerings are from your business or service. Pick one or two of them and build a new campaign around them. Think of the exercise as ‘introducing’ the new feature and that gives you a reason to promote it in an email campaign. You can create a unique approach to the introduction and go from there.

2. Have A Plan

It sounds obvious but if you have not carefully plotted out the steps you intend to follow with this email campaign, you could just be wasting valuable time. Considerations should include the timing of the email launch and frequency of follow-up emails. You also want to be clear on the demographics you plan to target with each email marketing program.

3. Define Goals For The Emails

This is where you can actually track results and determine the ROI. Each mailing should have a very definite goal. In a typical three edition campaign the first email would be to draw attention to the item being promoted. The second would be to encourage purchases or orders of the product and the third email would be specifically to thank customers for their orders.

4. Keep The Message Consistent

One of the most critical factors that you must keep in mind in any kind of email marketing campaign is what the message is you are sending. It has to be clearly understood by those receiving it and the message has to be the same throughout the campaign. The wording of each email has to reflect the niche of the company sending it and the key message as well.

5. Focus On Your Branding

You could just send out generic emails to prospects but when you have a document that features your company logo and details, it looks better. Plus, a professional looking email with your business branding on it is more likely to get attention than one without those elements. Just don’t create a new look specifically for the emails, use your existing logo to foster brand recognition.

6. Follow The Correct Metrics

If you are not sure what you should be tracking to determine the success of your email marketing campaign, here are a few suggestions. Engagement, open rates and click-throughs will show you what type of content is getting the most attention from your audience. This data will be valuable when you start to develop another email campaign to promote an upcoming product.

7. Target Your Emails

If you have different main goals for the emails in your campaign, you may want to segment the actual mailing. This means that for different audiences in your subscription base you may wish to send different emails. The idea with this is that you may have two different demographics that you wish to target different offers to. It reduces mass mailing the very same thing to all.

8. Work On Delivery Time

It takes a bit of experimentation to determine the best time to send your emails. That’s because many factors come into play ranging from the industry you are in, your location and what your goals are for the campaign. Test different subject lines, images and different times and pay attention to your metrics to see what combination appears to attract the most attention.

9. Ask For Feedback

Believe it or not, but the best people to ask about the email campaign after it has completed is those you sent the emails to. By seeking their feedback on what interested them, what caused them to click through or open the email can give you data that can be used in the future. Plus, user feedback will help you to create even better campaigns the next time you choose to.

10. Don’t Wait Any Longer

The best way to get some extra attention to your new products or services is to launch your first email marketing campaign right away. The main purpose of starting now is that you can begin delivering value to your customers instantly instead of sometime later. A fast start will also give you early experience in the correct planning and executing of a successful email campaign.

Make A Difference With Your Lead Generation

Now that you have 10 tips on how to reach those prospects directly through email marketing, what are you waiting for? A perfectly-worded, well-presented email campaign will not only produce conversions, it will give your business or products exposure that is far more affordable than any other digital marketing campaign. And you can engineer it yourself, if wanted.

If Email Marketing sounds like something you would like to explore with your business, but don’t have the time to focus on the creation and execution of the campaign, I can help. My name is Toni Marino and I am a digital marketer. Contact me today to discuss plans for your next Email Marketing project.