3 Reasons Your Blog is Missing the Mark

3 Reasons Your Blog is Missing the Mark

You’ve done all the right things when it comes to setting up your business and you’ve ticked all the right boxes but there’s one element that eludes you and that’s nailing one vital piece of your business plan.

That’s right, your blog. You’ve done everything right but it just isn’t having the impact you thought it would on your website and in particular driving new customers to you from search engines such as Google. So what’s going wrong? In this blog we take a look at 3 reasons why your blog might not be hitting the mark.

It’s Not Your Voice

You’ve adopted the kind of style you think your customers will want to read but where you should be attracting readers, the inauthentic style has driven customers away. In short, you sound like everyone else, not you. What makes your blog special is that you’re writing it, with your unique insight and experience.

A blog is a great opportunity to be a little more personal when it comes to connecting with your customers, to create a human connection in a corporate world.

Drop the style and focus on what it is you want to say to your customers. Think about the questions or problems they have and why your product is the best option for answering those questions. Drop some personal experience and you’ll turn around your content.

Your Style is Confusing

In a desperate attempt to meet your word content you find yourself jumping between topics, creating a confusing mess and failing to pinpoint an exact reason for the blog. This style is confusing and does not engage the reader. The best thing you can do is to remedy this by finding a template, https://www.templafy.com/ and creating the kind of document that reliably answers questions that you know connects you to your customer.

Think about starting with an introduction that lays out the issue, your personal response to the problem, some practical solutions and finish off with a conclusion. Though you’re using a template that doesn’t mean your content has to be boring, just arranged in a way that makes it authentic and readable, finding a connection with your reader.

Your Not Regular

Once in a while is not the best way to find yourself up there on the Google search results. Instead plan to upload a blog once or even twice a week. Make it regular, make it somewhere between 500 and 1,500 words and make it relevant.

Over time, as you finesse your style and your analytics reveal what kind of keywords and phrases are getting picked up by Google, you’ll be creating content that fast becomes a tool in driving customers to your site. Sure, it’s not going to be the only element of your marketing plan but it’s certainly an effective part of it so get your blogging hat on and start planning some awesome content that’s going to connect to your clients.