Apple Pizza Box

Apple Comes ‘Round With Their Own Patented Pizza iBox

Apple Park ‘Spaceship’ is the HQ of Apple Inc. located in Cupertino, California. The facility includes a campus setting that has been designed to inspire young minds. Engineers, designers and assorted other employees who call the site their workplace also have their own on-site café.

So when I first heard that Apple has ‘invented’ their own pizza box the first thing I envisioned was your standard square pizza box. I figured that maybe the quick minds at Mac-U had slightly altered the box shape to the same dimensions of your average MacAir and when the pizza box is open, it would have a glowing “one-bite-missing” Apple logo shining through the top of the box creating the visual of an actual – although cardboard – laptop computer. Only this one contained pizza where the keyboard should sit.

Anyway, the iBox as I like to call it, is far from that. Although I was right about a redesigning of the standard square pizza box. Apparently, Apple had patented this new design back in 2012 and Apple Park café chief Francesco Longoni is listed as one of the designers.

Didn’t I mention the concept behind the campus was to inspire?

Well, when you see what this new-look pizza box is, it will change your mind about take out. To me, it looks a bit like an oversized single CD case, minus the zipper. The Apple Pizza Box is round. It has reinforced edges and air vents in the top of the box. The bottom has rings that keep the crust from getting soggy while it sweats in the box. Naturally, the air vents will keep the sweating down to a minimum.

I wonder if the air vents cause the pizza to cool quickly?

I’m sure the whiz kids at Apple Park would have thought about that. I’m not sure if the boxes were designed for reuse, but that would make the Apple pizza box a bit more interesting I think.

Regardless, when you are one of the top tech companies in the world, the effort put into redesigning the average pizza box into a – a-hem – work of art makes me think that pizza is fuel for innovation. Some people use coffee. Others meditate. At Apple Park, ideas flow over pizza.

You could say the iBox is the most amazing thing to happen to pizza since the concept of selling pizza by the slice occurred. Or extra cheese. Or thin crust. Or stuffed crust. Or rising crust.

I do like the concept and wonder if it’ll make it out to the mainstream where regular square pizza boxes are wasting so much space with those pesky corners that hold nothing but air. I also like the fact that an in-house invention is really a perk for those who work for the company. It shows that if the average company did something unique for staff, production would likely increase as well as morale. You could say that Apple is giving something back to those who keep creating and designing their products, rather than biting off more than they can chew.

Plus, once the round pizza box is empty, it makes a great Frisbee to toss around to burn off some of those extra calories.