BT Logo

The Newly Revealed BT Logo Put’s The Capital Letter “M” In Minimalism (And No It’s Definitely Not Pretty)

How can anyone allow a logo to be THIS bad?

New BT logo

It actually has happened. BT, the multinational telecoms group formerly known as ‘British Telecom’ recently unveiled their new logo design with aims to bring new life into their own brand, and the only thing it’s done is the very opposite.

At first glance of the very minimalistic BT logo, the first thing comes to mind is the classic Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” commercial from 1984. There’s nothing there. With it’s all black and white design, it looks like eerily reminiscent of the current rating system video games or TV shows (but even those are more interesting – and that’s saying a lot).

I mean, “going minimal” is great and all, but when your logo is so simplistic that little 10-year-old Johnny with poor eyesight and maybe a speech impediment could whip it up on his iPhone in less than a minute, then maybe there’s a problem.

No, a logo doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles to be great, but it does need a certain level of creativity and uniqueness to make it stand out as a real brand in a crowded marketplace.

Unfortunately, in the case of BT, (and once again speaking of “Where’s the beef?”) what they’ve now created is a logo that would work nicely as a livestock branding logo sizzled right on the ass of a marked cow or prized steer. Now THAT would make sense.

Bottomline, the new BT logo is completely devoid of all the great elements that a logo should encompass including uniqueness, brandability, and that special something that conveys what a company is all about.

In this case, we’re only left with a logo with the black letters “BT” and a circle. Nothing more. No hidden meanings. No colours. No pulse. No life. If there’s a logo that has been delivered DOA, this one is it.

And if there’s a secret punchline to the new BT logo, then we’re still waiting on the delivery because the only inside joke that’s really going on is at the expense of BT themselves.

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