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History Repeats Itself With New Burberry Logo

Established in England in 1856, Burberry has a long history in the clothing and cosmetics industry. Regardless of how superior the product lines may be with any company with this kind of history, it is not uncommon to see a rebranding take plan. Often these updates to a logo occur in an effort to keep the well-established brand current.

The same could be said about the most recent logo change that has happened at Burberry.


I say “most recent” as the last re-branding took place just 20 years ago. For a company that has been around for over 162 years, a couple decades ago is not what I would consider a long time ago. However, Burberry designer Riccardo Tisci had the logo revamped into something new that has a classic, nostalgic look and feel to it.

The actual credit goes to Manchster born, graphic designer Peter Saville. His resume includes record covers for notable bands such as New Order and Joy Division. What Saville did was a throwback of sorts.


But he was given just 4 weeks to complete the new Burberry logo. I know what it is like to work with a tight deadline, so I can just imagine what it was like. However, Saville pulled off the near-impossible by creating a new logo AND a new typeface.

He took the initials of Burberry founder Thomas Burberry and interlocked them in an infinite chain. If you could picture chain mail made with the letters T and B, you’d get a fairly good idea of what happened here.

Here’s the history repeating itself part – Saville’s inspiration came from a Burberry logo that was in use in 1908. The serif font reflects the art-nouveau period of the day, however, it also appears fresh, contemporary and hip in today’s world.

The wordmark is most definitely a throwback as the font revisits the original typeface used early in the life of the Burberry brand.

I’m trying hard not to call it a retro brand because, in reality, it isn’t. It just takes a cue or two from the past and becomes something new.

That’s how graphic designers tend to work. We get our inspiration from things that already exist – or we are influenced in ways by designs we are already familiar with – and put our own unique twist on them.

Personally, I think the new Burberry logo is brilliant.


What gives it a truly new spin in 2018 are the colours chosen. Well, they aren’t really new colours for Burberry but they act as a nod to the history of the brand. You know what the Burberry Check is, right? Well, the monogram logo uses colours from that – including orange and peach.

So why a new branding after just twenty years with the previous one?

Well, like I said, sometimes you just have to dust off a logo and give it a tweak in order to remain relevant. My actual guess here is that Burberry is looking to launch new products and one way to draw attention to such activity is to rebrand.

Where you look at it, there is no way that this company would have still been in business after all these years if they didn’t work at keeping up with the times. Styles, personal preferences and designs change over time. Burberry has done a great job of staying timeless through all the changes.

That also is true about their branding.

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