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Freelance Graphic Designer

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Freelance Graphic Designer Toni Marino

Freelance Graphic Designer

Hello, I’m Toni Marino an award winning freelance graphic designer, writer and digital marketer. With over ten years of experience, I can increase your client base through effective website design and marketing. I have clients both near and far that I have been able to produce positive results for. Some of them you may already know including Gym Gear, FedEx, CNP, Sekonda, Zicaffe and Lambretta. I work with all size businesses to achieve online success.

By working with a freelance graphic designer like myself, you save a lot. Not only can you save money, but by working directly with me, you save time. This means that you and I will be communicating and working alongside each other instead of you having to deal with a middleman. When we work on a project together, it gets completed quicker and more efficiently. As I’m am results-driven, this is the way I like to work with others.

Freelance Graphic Design Services

I have a degree in Graphic Design from the prestigious UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) so I’m a creative and visual-thinking guy. I have been able to turn this talent of mine into a full time freelance graphic design career.

I can design logos, brands, and new identities for products, services and businesses. My designs are iconic and recognisable. They stand out and as a result, so do the items the designs I have created represent. I can do this for you as well.

Creating Your Identity

Everything around us has an identity. It is what we remember that thing by and it connects us to the brand or the product. If your business is creating products that need a brand identity, this is one of the services I provide. My creativity is only limited by my imagination – and I have a pretty active imagination. I’ll work with you to develop the perfect visual representation of whatever you are trying to market and I’ll also help with the marketing.

Re-Branding Is Nothing New

If your existing product line is in need of a visual facelift, I am capable of designing a new brand for it. Sometimes the re-branding involves a new name or a new look. There are times when it is just required to put some new life into a product that used to sell well but has recently started to dip in popularity. Rebranding is a way of giving an existing product or service a new focus and building on that which is something I can give you assistance with.

Contact Me

I love the challenge that comes from creating new and innovative identities for business owners. My graphic designs have helped small, medium and big businesses with brand identities. If you are looking for any kind of graphic design work, I can help with that. I’m Toni Marino and I can’t wait to get started on your project. Call me and we’ll get together. If you are local, the coffee is on me. If you are overseas, let’s work on the details through Skype.

Freelance Graphic Designer Services.

Logo Design

You need a logo that stands out and represents your business or service in such a way that it needs no explanation. People should automatically know what your business is from a simple glance at your logo. I can design an iconic visual image unique to your business.

Business Cards & Stationery

Believe it or not, business cards are still as vital in your marketing plans as your website is. Add to that stationery with your branding on it and you have yourself a great marketing tool to hand out or mail directly to customers. My branding services include these traditional tools.

Flyers & Brochures

Sometimes you have to reach potential customers through traditional marketing tools. Flyers and brochures are still an effective way to connect with people who may not be internet savvy or if your product is best represented in print. I have designed many dynamic flyers and brochures.

Packaging Design

There are times when a product tanked simply because the packaging used to promote it was not effective. One way to avoid this is to employ the services of a graphic designer - like me. I have a degree in graphic design and will create the kind of package that gets your product noticed.

Social Media Design

Have a social media profile for your business that needs a facelift? When you project the same image across all marketing platforms, it shows a consistent message and this includes your social media networks. Let me create the kind of profile image that gets you noticed and remembered.

Web & Mobile Design

Your website has to load fast, have easy navigation and also be mobile-friendly in addition to search engine-friendly and people-friendly. It is a delicate balance but I know the tricks needed to get it working smoothly to keep your web visitors happy and coming back for more.

I specialise in beautiful Freelance Graphic Design

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My Freelance Graphic Design Clients

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