Inter Miami Bends It Like Beckham With A New Logo

Inter Miami Bends It Like Beckham With A New Logo

The world of sports is filled with various types of branding. I think that’s one of the things that attract me most to them. When you look at team names, especially in the Major League Soccer (MLS) ranks, you’ll know what I mean.

There are teams with words like City, Real, United, FC, Sporting and now Inter in them.

The last one being the product of a group of partners in Florida including David Beckham. Inter Miami FC won’t start playing until 2020, but the team colours, logo and name have been released. It’s definitely an ambitious move for an ambitious group of investors.


The Inter Miami logo is an interesting mixture of colours and graphics. The primary colour is around the black background that contains two great white herons as the focal point in the centre. Wrapped around the top in a circular fashion are the words “Club internacional de Futbol” with the word “Miami” overtop of the herons. The bottom of the Inter Miami logo has the Roman numerals MMXX (the year 2020).


The Inter Miami logo is packed with symbolism. Let’s take a look at what we find hidden in it:

  • The white herons, they symbolize freedom
  • The eclipse that is located just above the herons stands for the dedication and determination of the people of Miami to work both day and night
  • The black shield that holds all of the logo elements together represent strength and solidarity
  • The interlocking heron legs are communicating unity

But there’s also a little teaser that is not visible if you don’t try hard to find it. All you have to do is look at the heron legs. After a while, you should see a letter “M” emerge. Clearly, that is for the City of Miami.

Beckham, the team owner and president of football operations explained the wording of the top of the Inter Miami logo as “a name that celebrates the incredible energy of one of the most exciting cities in the world.” He added that the city has diversity, passion and ambition and all of these qualities were captured in the name and logo.

In a way, the Inter Miami logo and work marks of Inter Miami FC incorporate the culture of not just soccer but the community in which it will call home. As a branding tool, I find this fascinating because it does say a lot about the diversity of the game as well. Although MLS is based in the United States, many international soccer players make up team rosters.

Beckham just happens to be a fine example.

I talk a lot about how an iconic logo goes far beyond the visual. In the active and competitive world of sports, having a dynamic logo is much the same is it is in the competitive world of business. You need an identity that people can relate to and something that is easy to remember.


Inter Miami FC scores big with the branding they have released two years before they begin to play.


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