LA Galaxy Announce Zlatan Ibrahimovic Signing With Full-Page Newspaper Ad

You know how the simple principle of ‘less is more’ works in marketing, right? Essentially, you are making a huge splash about something significant with a minimal amount of effort. In advertising – and print advertising, in particular – sometimes you have to been extremely creative in order to have eyes lock on to your message as readers flip through the pages to get to the Funnies or Want Ads.

It is not always easy to pull away those focused readers aiming for the sections buried in the back of the current edition. In a way, that’s what led to color print ads so many decades ago. They stood out in an endless stream of black and white and various shades of grayscale advertising. The first few full color ads must have really turned the fortunes of the advertisers because they were so unique.

It’s the same general concept only the format was slightly different.

Well, you could say LA Galaxy, or whoever their marketing firm happens to be, did a newspaper ad twist that could be compared to the first full colour ads. In fact, I think I’ve just done that.

Here are the specs: former Manchester United player Zlantan Ibrahimovic signs with the LA Galaxy. While I’m somewhat torn with the news myself, being a fan of Man-U, I get that sometimes a player gets a better opportunity. A real fire cracker like Ibrahimovic could possibly light up LA with his attitude and game playing skills. Man-U’s loss is LA’s gain no matter how you slice it.

So, how exactly would you announce to the world that this signing has taken place without actually kicking Manchester in the balls any further? That’s where a creative marketing team steps in and blocks the penalty shot.

They took out a full-page ad in the LA Times. Only they did not clutter it with full color photos, congratulatory messages and all kinds of circus activity. No, nothing like that at all. Instead, the full-page ad contains five words.

“Dear Los Angeles…you’re welcome.”

The bottom of the page contains Ibrahimovic’s signature.

Ah, but that’s not all. Not that a mostly blank full page ad in the LA Times wasn’t enough to grab attention. The wizards at The Internet somehow knew this was a great thing when they saw it and when the news hit the fans (play on words intended), it was accompanied by the Twitteriffic hashtag of #zLAtan.

Pretty clever, right? Good thing his first name wasn’t #OrLAndo or #DalLAs. Although that trick would have still worked.

My point is that there are great marketing tricks that don’t require a lot of anything other than creativity. Less is truly more when you hit upon the perfect promotional gimmick. LA Galaxy did just that with their full-page ad in the LA Times. You can bet that regardless of the cost of that ad, the return on investment made it well worth the cost.

Even United fans like me can see that.