Join The Swarm At McHive

There is no doubt that the average McDonald’s restaurant is filled with worker bees. However, in this miniature version of the iconic eatery you would be telling the truth. Of course, there would also be drone bees and a single queen bee.

McHive | A Miniature McDonald’s Restaurant For Bees By Toni Marino


The mini Mickey Dee’s in this scenario happens to be a tiny restaurant that doesn’t have a menu but there is a drive thru and a patio. The McHive was designed and built by award winning set designer Nicklas Nilsson. The purpose of the fully functioning beehive that looks like a McDonald’s was twofold.


In Sweden beehives are commonplace on the rooftops of the McDonald’s restaurants there. It’s part of the Swedish branch of the burger chain’s sustainability program. With bees dying off at a rapid pace over the past few decades, the restaurants started planting flowers outside of their buildings. Rooftop beehives soon followed.

You could say that this trend was a bit sweeter than the McRib and helped pollinate others to follow suit. It wasn’t long before many of the McDonald’s restaurant there were abuzz with honeybees.

The McHive itself was commissioned by the chain to pay homage to the Swedish restaurants with more worker bees on the roof than in the kitchen below. The tiny version that was buzzing with activity ended up being auctioned off as part of a Ronald McDonald House charity event.

The winning bid came from a McDonald’s franchisee who stung the competition by paying over $10,000 for the McHive. There was no word on whether or not that included the honey or if he wanted fries with that.