Nike – Dream Crazy

Nike And Colin Kaepernick Inspire You To Chase Your Craziest Dreams

Nike has never been afraid to push the envelope. However, one of the things they have always attempted to do with their ongoing “Just Do It” branding is to show you that our world is filled with people – ordinary people with extraordinary circumstances – who also push the boundaries to achieve greatness.

That is the hook that makes the entire “Just Do It” campaign make sense. This new entry in the series takes it another step beyond with an underlying current that chasing crazy dreams are permissible. In this 2-minute mini-film/extended commercial, Colin Kaepernick sets the tone with this direct, to-the-point opening:

“If people say your dreams are crazy, if they laugh at what you think you can do, okay, stay that way because what non-believers fail to understand is that calling a dream crazy is not an insult…it’s a compliment.”

Colin Kaepernick is an NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. You may remember he was the player who started the movement of refusing to stand during the playing of the National Anthem prior to the opening kickoff of games in 2016.

The commercial also features the likes of LeBron James (NBA star), Serena Williams (women’s tennis) and Odell Beckham, Jr. (NFL wide receiver).

Where it really hammers home the message that crazy dreams are worth chasing is when we are introduced to Megan Blunk – who is a wheelchair athlete with a gold medal earned at the Rio Games. There’s also Isaiah Bird, a 10-year old wrestler who was born without legs.

Oh, and Charlie Jabaley, who is an Ironman athlete who overcame a brain tumour and shed 120-pounds. Then there’s linebacker Alicia Woollcott from Michigan who was also named homecoming queen during her senior season.

It does not take long to see a pattern here.

I also happen to rate this as one of my all-time favourite ads. It gets my attention and reminds me that a bad day is really nothing to complain about and that I genuinely have little understanding of the word ‘struggle’ in my life.

The concept for the ad, which is basically a message, came from Wieden + Kennedy. It features the standard Nike blast of images combined with powerful music and copy. It virtually stacks all the rest in mini-stories of proud sporting achievements.

You cannot help but be touched by the notion that anything is possible. Absolutely anything and that it is also possible for anyone to achieve their dream. Call it inspirational, if you must.

From my perspective, it just keeps building the brand that Nike has developed over the years. Who would have imagined that three little words would grow to mean so much?

Just Do It!

This will likely be remembered as one of the most significant brand images and marketing slogans of all time. What has given Nike the edge here is that they have taken it and turned the “Just Do It” message into a tool. Not only is it spreading brand awareness, it is also educating the rest of us along the way.

Have a crazy dream?

Just Do It!