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Meet Toni Marino - PPC Consultant & PPC Agency Owner

When you want the most ‘Bang For Your Buck’ in your very own PPC campaigns…

Are you a small business owner or even a marketing director who would like to get the very most out of your own PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns for yourself or your clients?

Do you struggle with creating captivating PPC campaigns, boosting conversions and increasing your own sales?

The great thing about PPC is when it’s done right, it can be downright explosive as to the huge ROI you can achieve with your own campaigns. But if you do it wrong, it can be not only costly, but also frustrating as well.

This is where I’d like to step in and help you to become more successful in your online marketing efforts.

My name is Toni Marino. I’m an award-winning freelance PPC consultant. I have over 10 years of PPC managment experience in winning PPC campaigns. These campaigns have created steady flows of targeted traffic and also generated tens of thousands of pounds for my clients. I’ve worked with clients from all across the world, including some big-hitters including Blackbird Video, CNP, Gym Gear, and Seksy just to name a few.

Thanks to all of my years in this industry, I’ve mastered exactly what it takes to win with PPC campaigns. PPC campaigns are a great way to turn on instant traffic to give your own business, products or clients the exact traffic they need to convert to sales and profits.

“My #1 goal is to either manage your own PPC campaigns for you to keep them on track and make them profitable, or to consult with you one-on-one in order to help you make the right strategic decisions that will yield you the biggest ROI.”

I absolutely love working with both small and large business owners, new online entrepreneurs, and marketing agencies who need a real expert in PPC.

I truly believe PPC campaigns are one of the most reliable, steady and profitable ways to grow a business online. There’s no other traffic method in the world that’s more accessible, more targeted and more direct than using PPC campaigns to drive traffic and profits.

PPC is perfect for just about anyone who sells a product or service. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance writer, a local “mom and pop” shop, or even a corporate giant.

The beauty about online marketing and specifically PPC is just how targeted campaigns can be created to fit your specific needs, whether it be direct sales or simple lead generation. No matter what your need is for your own business, if it’s PPC, I know I can help you in a number of ways.

I have a wide-range of services that can help you and your business (or your own clients). I focus on what I do best in order to give my clients the greatest results.

When you hire me, you’ll work directly with me one-on-one to meet your main objectives and goals. There are no middle men. There’s no outsourcing work to another company. You get me, front and centre. This way you get the best of what I have to offer, every single time.

“I have a very strong background and proven expertise in doing PPC audits, effective  marketing research on your own competition, idea generation, as well as testing, optimization and implementation of profitable PPC campaigns.”

Here are the services I currently have available for you…

  • Technical SEO Services

Want to get your website ranked higher in the search engines in order to open up the floodgates to more free and targeted traffic? Besides my consulting and services in PPC, I also offer technical SEO services that will get you ranked, while at the same time avoiding pesky Google penalties. I have years of experience in this field as well and have certain strategic SEO methods that can help you rise up the search engine ranks.

  • Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Do you want a more hands-free approach where you’d rather leave your PPC campaigns up to an expert like myself to setup everything for you and manage it as well? With my PPC campaign management service, I’ll not only setup your campaigns, but I’ll also monitor and optimize them as needed to make them a profitable success. I’ll run and manage these campaigns on various platforms that I feel are best for your goals. These may include Google, Bing or even social media platforms.

  • Pay Per Click Campaign Consulting

Maybe you want to remain in control of how you run your own PPC campaigns but need a bit of one-on-one consulting to help you become more successful. With my consulting service, I can help answer your most common and frustrating questions about PPC or even your own campaigns in order to keep things on the right track. I’ll give you some helpful advice, tips and tricks you can implement on your own to make your campaigns even more successful and profitable.

  • FREE PPC Review & Audit

Do you already have a PPC campaign running but want me to take a quick peek at it to see how and where it could be improved? With my FREE PPC review and audit, I’ll take a closer look at your current campaigns and let you know what’s working, and what could be improved. This is a great way to get your feet wet with my services and see my expertise first-hand for yourself. Contact me to setup your free PPC review and audit today.

Let’s Talk and See How I Can Help You!

“Premium PPC Management & Consulting  That Gets You Profitable Results”



If the word audit makes you twitch, fear not. In this instance it is how I present to you my accountability. The reports generated show you where your digital marketing strategies are working and where they need some assistance. Audits help me to focus on bringing you success.


Every good PPC Campaign starts with a plan. I use industry insights and research on your competitors to create a direction to go with a campaign or series of campaigns. It’s a lot more complicated than throwing a dart at a list of ideas because it works a whole lot better than that.


Someone has to do this part and it has to be done correctly. That is why some campaigns end up getting restructured or completed overhauled. But doing this kind of implementation, I can turn an ‘okay’ marketing campaign into an ‘awesome’ one the produces the desired results.


There’s nothing worse than reaching the end of your marketing budget and having little to show for it. I prefer to work with clients to maximise their budget. When you get more than your money’s worth it not only increases your ROI, it increases your business cash flow.


Nothing beats increasing conversions like ongoing tests of landing pages and monitoring where visitors tend to go once they find your website. It is through tests and the data that comes from them that I can tweak and fine tune pages and campaigns to bring you improved results.

Idea Generation

One other great way of using the data I collect throughout the marketing process is to share it with you to help inspire you. Ideas have to come from somewhere and by working together and using factual data for verification, new ideas can come from results recorded. Here’s how.

PPC Consultant
PPC Consultant
PPC Consultant
PPC Consultant
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PPC Consultant

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