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PPC Consultant | PPC Agency Manchester & London

Your Success Is My Success

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Highly successful PPC (pay per click) campaigns are what I am capable of creating, implementing and executing. In fact, the campaigns I have worked on come to a total spend of over £1 million

PPC Consultant | PPC Agency Manchester & London

Hey! My name is Toni Marino and I am an award-winning Freelance PPC Consultant. I have over a decade of PPC Agency Manchester & London experience in (PPC) Pay Per Click and as a result, will be able to increase the traffic flow to your website and broaden the exposure of it and your products around the world. My clients are from the region and overseas. Some of them you may even recognise. They include FedEx, CNP, Gym Gear, Sekonda, Zicaffe and Lambretta.

When you hire a Freelance PPC Consultant like me to take on your digital marketing, you get a pretty good deal. That’s because I will work directly with you throughout your project. There is no middle man or referrals to someone else in my company. By working together, communication is better and work gets done faster. This means less time and money coming out of your business to get your online presence established and functioning to assist your business.

Technical SEO Services

This is the behind-the-scenes details that are tailored specifically to draw the attention of search engines. There are several ways of doing this and each of the methods I employ are compliant with industry standards. The internet is a huge playing field and I like to follow the rules to get your website noticed. By using this method, we can avoid Google penalties and improve the page rankings of your site so that it kills your competition.

Pay Per Click Campaign Management

One of the things I love the most about PPC (Pay Per Click) is that if it is done correctly, it pulls targeted visitors to your website. Often these are people who may not have otherwise even known about your website. This allows me to be creative in the establishment of a campaign that I will manage and monitor. The monitoring gives me the data I need to tweak what works and turn the PPC campaign into a successful promotional tool for your business or product.

Another thing I like about PPC campaigns is that it works well to bring interested visitors to your website as we continue to build your page ranking profile. Page ranking takes some time but PPC gives fast results and gets your website immediate attention. The interest in your website won’t go unnoticed, either. As search engines start to locate your pages, the PPC traffic will tell them that something is going on that they really need to check out.

Social Media Platforms

Some of my most successful PPC programs have been conducted on social media. It makes sense when you consider that the majority of people using the internet these days do so to communicate, look up news and information or just to pass time.

PPC Agency Manchester & London

Most of that activity is spent in social media platforms. So, when I create a PPC campaign for your website, it will incorporate social media as one of the components because I know that it works.

PPC Audit

Speaking of knowing that campaigns work, the best way to actually back that statement up is through a PPC audit. I have the tools that provide extensive analytics that will breakdown the data and tell us what is working and where we should focus the campaign. That’s because not everything works from one PPC program to the next and by tweaking where needed, a pretty good campaign can be transformed into an awesome one with tremendous success.

More Than Just A Freelance PPC Consultant

As I’ve stated, there is a lot more to technical SEO than PPC, but it is an effective tool used for this purpose. It’s also not the only thing I can do to assist the page rankings and exposure of your website to others. There are several methods used and they include keyword usage in content, link building strategies, URL structures and even the actual page layout has an effect on search engine response to your web brand and online identity.

If conversions are what you are after, PPC is probably one of the most reliable ways to reach that goal. With carefully targeted campaigns, you can reach people online who have expressed an interest in your products without even knowing that your website exists. But once they click on the marketing tool, they will suddenly discover your online brand and spend time checking it out. Targeted for results, PPC gives you a great ROI.

In my years of digital marketing experience, I have used these skills and many more to create winning formulas that produce positive results. I am a results-driven individual and strive to produce this kind of outcome for all of my clients. The internet is a huge world of online activity and the only way you stand a chance at standing out from the rest is to utilise the skills of a freelance web developer and designer such as myself. Together we will make it happen.

Contact Me

I truly enjoy working with entrepreneurs because they are the most creative people in business. So if you happen to be a small business owner, or the department head of a large corporation, I can work with you to create the online presence your company demands. I have been able to create and execute highly successful PPC campaigns for several of my clients. My job is not done until you see results and the PPC audit helps me to fine tune campaigns.

Phone: 07907 273547
Email: hello@toni-marino.com

PPC Consultant | PPC Agency Manchester & London


If the word audit makes you twitch, fear not. In this instance it is how I present to you my accountability. The reports generated show you where your digital marketing strategies are working and where they need some assistance. Audits help me to focus on bringing you success.


Every good marketing program starts with a plan. I use industry insights and research on your competitors to create a direction to go with a campaign or series of campaigns. It’s a lot more complicated than throwing a dart at a list of ideas because it works a whole lot better than that.


Someone has to do this part and it has to be done correctly. That is why some campaigns end up getting restructured or completed overhauled. But doing this kind of implementation, I can turn an ‘okay’ marketing campaign into an ‘awesome’ one the produces the desired results.


There’s nothing worse than reaching the end of your marketing budget and having little to show for it. I prefer to work with clients to maximise their budget. When you get more than your money’s worth it not only increases your ROI, it increases your business cash flow.


Nothing beats increasing conversions like ongoing tests of landing pages and monitoring where visitors tend to go once they find your website. It is through tests and the data that comes from them that I can tweak and fine tune pages and campaigns to bring you improved results.

Idea Generation

One other great way of using the data I collect throughout the marketing process is to share it with you to help inspire you. Ideas have to come from somewhere and by working together and using factual data for verification, new ideas can come from results recorded. Here’s how.

I specialise in award-winning PPC management

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My PPC Clients In Manchester & London

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