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local SEO expert Toni Marino

SEO Consultant Toni Marino

Hi, I’m Toni Marino, an award-winning SEO Consultant. I have over 7+ years experience in local SEO Services. I can bring your business the customers and exposure you demand in order to be more successful. My SEO client base varies from small to large companies and I have worked with customers all over the globe. Some of them include CNP, Gym Gear, FedEx, Sekonda, Lambretta and Zicaffe.

As a freelance SEO Consultant I bring many advantages to the table. When you work on a project with me, you will be working directly with me and not with another in-house consultant. When we work together we will be able to communicate smoothly and quickly. This provides immediate action and speeds up the entire process. An efficient line of communication means less time and money on your part and still a professional outcome when completed.

Technical SEO Expert Services

There are a lot of ingredients required in order to produce perfect results with search engine optimization. My extensive SEO Consultant experience and knowledge of industry standards and practices ensures that your website will reach the people you want it to. It also means that by using the correct methods, your website will climb up the rankings scale and won’t suffer setbacks caused by Google penalties. My technical SEO Consultant services are vast and varied.

White Hat Strategies

It may sound like a jumble of things to you, but content, keywords, URL structure, page layouts and backlinks all play an important role in getting your website seen, noticed and ranked with search engines. The strategies are carefully designed and executed in a manner that benefits your business. With the right kind of content that is relevant to your business goals, you will see results. My SEO expert knowledge will get you that business.

Google Page Ranking

Considering that the majority of people who rely on the internet for information will click on search results they see on the first page following their inquiry, my goal is to get your website there. It takes some research to rank with keywords related to your business, and requires ongoing monitoring and tweaks when necessary. But those details are for me to work out and I will get your pages ranked and noticed as a result.

Search Engine Friendly Pages

One of the most challenging parts of building a website is keeping the balance between what attracts humans and what attracts search engines. The requirements are different although they both work together to bring you the business you need to be successful. Pages that are clean, easy to view, load fast and are not complicated to navigate around are the best ones to have. I can design to meet those needs and bring visitors and search engines back frequently.

Building Links / Backlinks

If you could imagine your website at the middle of a wheel with spokes extending out from it to other websites, you get a sense of what linking can look like. By linking your website to other high-ranking websites that are relevant to yours – in the same industry, as an example – your website stands a better chance at climbing the page ranks. These links come in many forms and I can create those connections to solidify your web identity.

Optimization On-Site

The behind-the-scenes work in optimizing your website on-site includes audits that show what is and isn’t working and the fine tuning required enhancing the results. Sometimes that requires careful keyword selection and content management. Sometimes it requires a more extensive makeover of pages. Regardless, with on-site optimization your website gets molded into shape where users and search engines are able to utilise it more bringing you more traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Once we get your website completely primed to where it performs perfectly, I will then provide other marketing strategies. This includes PPC (pay-per-click) and social media marketing. My experience in this field has produced several successful campaigns for my clients. Through the creation, execution and monitoring of campaigns used in various social platforms, I can get your website in front of more people, quicker and cheaper than any other marketing plan.

Should you feel that the way to reach your potential new customers is through traditional advertising methods, I can also assist you with that. My graphic design background allows me to create web banners, product images, page layouts and even advertising copy for the content marketing. There isn’t much in marketing that I can’t do and that is what makes working with me such a deal for you. You get all kinds of services from a single source.

Ongoing Monitoring And Analytics

In order to be able to determine what programs and strategies are working, there has to be a way to track them. When I work on a technical SEO project, I bring transparency into the fold. I have tools available that will reveal trends, where visitors are learning about your website and where they go once inside of it. The data is extensive but I will show you exactly what is working and how we can improve on those results with analytics to back it up.

Contact Me Your Next SEO Consultant | SEO Expert

As you can see, I have a great deal of knowledge related to the technical side of SEO. It is with this information that I can turn your business into a very successful venture from an online identity that gets in front of those you want as customers. I target my marketing programs so that visitors to your website are those that are interested in the products you are offering. With me on your team, you will succeed.

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