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My name is Toni Marion. I am a Google certified, award-winning Freelance SEO Consultant. With over 7+ years of experience in the SEO Wigan field. I bring traffic to your website that lead to conversions. My client base covers the entire globe and they include businesses of all sizes including Fitness Warehouse, Gym Gear, Sekonda, CNP, Lambretta, Zicaffe and FedEx.

Technical SEO Wigan Services

There is a lot of work to search engine optimization as there are numerous layers and it involves complicated methods and specific tools. With my experience, I can choose the correct tools for your projects and will reach the goals you have for your online properties. Success online comes from good SEO Wigan practices.

White Hat Strategies

The toolkit required for effective SEO Wigan includes such things as keywords, backlinks, URL structure, content writing and page loading speeds. Each of these elements is important in attracting the kind of traffic you are trying to reach and have returned to your website frequently.

Google Page Ranking

The place where your website should appear is on Page One of any Google search. That’s so the most people possible can see it but in order to get in that position, a number of factors are required. My goal is to make that happen but using my skills to benefit your online presence.

SEO Wigan Pages

Search engines view web pages very differently than you and I see them. This is why it is essential to have each of your web pages created to be user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. This requires data added to each page that only the search engines can read and understand. I can take the worry out of that for you and design SEO pages for you.

Building Links / Backlinks

A solid linking strategy is how you improve page rankings. It requires linking your pages to those of higher ranking websites. There is a fair amount of work required in order to achieve this but the payoff is well worth it. My linking strategies will push your website up the rankings.

Optimization On-Site

Content management creates the delicate balance that gives your website the edge it needs to be successful. Through this shortfalls and successes can be identified and trouble areas can be remedied. My extensive experience in this type of optimization will assist your website greatly.

Social Media Marketing

As soon as your website is live it needs to be promoted to generate traffic. Marketing on social media platforms is an effective way to get the word out. The exposure that comes from this will bring results reaching potential customers exactly where they spend time online.

Ongoing Monitoring & Analysis

It’s easy to say that I can do all of these things for you, but I also believe that accountability is important. Through audits and reporting tools I can provide you with SEO reports verifying what is helping and what needs some help in exposing your website to your target demographic. It also gives us a means of identifying what needs to be fine-tuned.

Contact Me For SEO Wigan Services

Your website has to stand out from all the rest. For assistance with that, call me. I’m Toni Marino, a Freelance SEO Consultant. Let’s get together and discuss your website. The coffee is on me. If you are not local, Skype me and we’ll talk

SEO Wigan
SEO Wigan
SEO Wigan
SEO Wigan
SEO Wigan
SEO Wigan
SEO Wigan
SEO Wigan
SEO Wigan
SEO Wigan
SEO Wigan
SEO Wigan

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