Snowbird Ski Resort 1 Star Review Ad

Ski Hill Makes Mountains Out Of A Mole Hill.

This is any business owner’s nightmare. You bust your hump working to please all your customers knowing that one of them sooner or later is going to be that Customer From Hell. Thanks to social media that one customer can cause you a whole lot of pain with a negative comment posted online.

It doesn’t matter if all the other ratings or reviews have been stellar. That one bad one just cuts like a knife and stings in places where you should feel no pain.

Well, it just so happened that the Snowbird ski resort in Utah was the victim of such an online review. I’m a skier. I love to spend time on the slopes. The shot taken at Snowbird could have dragged their business downhill from there but it didn’t.

Here’s why.

The marketing department at Snowbird took the review, posted by a fellow named Greg, and turned it into an ad campaign promoting the difficult slopes and challenging terrain that Greg complained about.

Really, they did and here’s how they did it.

Greg, from Los Angeles, posted a one star review on a website essentially whining that the slopes on the ski hill were “too advanced” and that they were just a bit more than he could handle. And just like any other disgruntled customer these days, he used the internet to voice his displeasure.

So instead of trying to please one negative reviewer, Snowbird took that review and used to as if it were a compliment about the insane ski conditions of their little piece of snow-covered rock.

The overall goal was to turn the one star review into the focus of what the core ski visitors enjoy and find so unique at Snowbird. Although Greg found the steep slopes too challenging and “not fun” for his abilities, the ski resort knew that those same qualities are the magnet for their typical customer base.

Thanks to Greg’s whining, Snowbird turned the incident into something that left others pining for a look and ride down the slopes that more or less frightening Greg off of the mountain.

Essentially what happened here is the ski resort took a stab at marketing with self deprecation. It’s not an easy approach to use but if it clicks, you’ve pretty much struck gold. Or in the case of Snowbird, they struck a chord. And it worked.