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Social Media Consultant | Social Media Agency

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Laser Targeted Social Media Ads

Social Media Consultant
Social Media Consultant
Social Media Consultant

Social Media Ads & Strategy By Toni Marino

Social Media Consultant | Social Media Agency

Hello! I’m Toni Marino – award-winning freelance Social Media Consultant. With over a 5+ Social Media Agency years experience. I can explode your brand, expose your website and increase your client base as a result. I have worked with clients representing businesses of all sizes and from various locations around the world. Some of my clients you may even recognise and include Tunit, CNP, Gym Gear, Zicaffe, Lambretta and Sekonda.

The advantage to you in having a freelancer Social Media Consultant – like me – working on your online identity is that the job gets done more efficiently. That is to say, when I work with you, we will be working together and as a result, communication is direct and that produces faster results. Faster results means less time and money spent in order to get your digital identity created, developed and promoted to the place where your customers and revenues increase.

Social Media Ads & Strategy

There was a time when the only way to get your message out was through traditional advertising mediums. They were effective because that was all that existed. Now, thanks to the internet, there are new ways to promote your business that can reach potential customers halfway ‘round the world. Oh, and with internet marketing, the results are faster and there are tracking tools that can give you current data on where people are seeing those ads.

Hitting Targets

The key to a successful social media marketing strategy is to hit projected targets by targeting the message. That’s the beauty behind the strategy of social media marketing. You can send you message in such a way that just specific demographics see it.

Social Media Consultant | Social Media Agency

With traditional advertising everyone saw your message including those not interested in your products. With targeted marketing you reach only those with an interest in what you are selling.

Name Your Poison

With the majority of internet users using social media, it just makes sense to get your message to where the people seem to hang out online. In social media there are several platforms available. I have developed and executed many successful campaigns reaching potential clients through social media and creating conversion rates that have made clients of mine extremely happy. If this sounds like what your business plan needs to get exposure, I’m your guy.

Use The Big Guns

When I talk about marketing on social media, I’m talking about the platforms you and I are already familiar with. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest. These are the places your new customers spend their time online. This is why it is important to reach these people where they are as that gets your message in front of them and in a format they are already accustomed to. Let’s discuss how to do that to help you business, shall we?

Contact Me, Your Next Social Media Consultant

The science behind an effective social media marketing program stems from knowing your target demographic and aiming your message directly at them. I can help you determine what that demographic might be and then create the campaign that will produce results.

Award-Winning Social Media Consultant | Social Media Agency


When you use Facebook advertising you have access to over 1 billion active monthly users. Plus, the advertising tools let you target demographics, specific interests and geographic locations with such precision that this is one of your most effective marketing tools. Let me show you how.


With almost 300 million users and well over 500 million tweets per day, you need to get your business in on the action. Target specific interests or demographics to pull visitors to your website, increase conversions, interaction or use Twitter for lead generation.


Want to reach close to 350 million users spread out over 200 different countries? Well, your professional social media network is LinkedIn. Targeting your message on this platform includes location, industry, company, business size, seniority and job function to hit the right people.


This popular network has over a billion users and draws the interest of over a million advertisers. You can get into the mix with targeting tools that will put your message in front of people by location, demographic and language. Send traffic to your website or generate leads.


Instagram is #instagood as one of the world’s largest mobile platforms with over 300 million users. Marketing here is done with sponsored ads that reach those you want to see your message most in their social feed. Add a few well-chosen hashtags and let the new traffic flow to you.


With tens of millions of users, think you’ll find someone interested in your products? You most certainly will and with promoted pins you can generate a lot of interest thanks to the highly visual aspect of this platform. Photos rule Pinterest and so can your business.

My Social Media Clients

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