These Google Adwords Tricks Will Double Your Conversion Rate

These Google Adwords Tricks Will Double Your Conversion Rate

There’s no getting around the fact that Adwords is expensive. Google charges people a lot of money to use it’s Adwords platform because, frankly, they’re willing to pay it to get their advertisements in front of customers. The problem, however, is that many firms don’t have good strategies in place to ensure excellent ROI when trying to use PPC. That’s a problem because it leads to wasted marketing dollars, ineffective advertising, and disillusionment with PPC advertising in general.

The good news, however, is that with the right strategy, you can boost your conversion rate from PPC dramatically. Take a look at these tricks to double your conversion rate.

Test Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are the first thing that your customers see after they click an ad. Because of this, landing pages need to do a lot. They have to:

  • Show customers the value that they can get from your company
  • Speak to them in a language that they understand
  • Address their concerns
  • Convince them of the professionalism of your company
  • Overcome language barriers
  • Present information in a useful and exciting way
  • Instruct them on what to do next

That’s a lot of stuff for a single page to have to do, and getting it right isn’t easy. The trick is not only to check off each of those items from a list but also to split test different designs to see which work best. You might find, for instance, that including an explainer video which automatically plays when a user lands on your page is much more powerful than using text and headings.

You might also find that changing the colour of your call-to-action button makes a significant difference – small things like that which you would never think would make a difference unless you’re a PPC company.

Choose Ad Copy Which Reflects Your Landing Pages

Google uses something called a “quality score” to determine how relevant your ads are compared to your pages. The higher the quality score, the lower the advertising costs you face, and the higher your conversions.

Getting a good quality score is a challenge, but something that you can achieve by following some simple rules. The first rile is to make sure that the original search query is mentioned on the landing page. If customers are searching for “black boots,” then you want to make sure that that phrase is specified on the page that they go to, as well as possibly in the URL too.

You also want to provide Google with a way to measure the conversion success of your landing pages. The better they convert customers, the more value Google perceives your page to be adding, and the more likely your quality score will go up.

Boost Your Click Through Rate

Finally, you want to engage in something called “click-through rate best practice.” Click through rate best practice is the act of tailoring your Adwords copy to attract the attention of people who are most likely to convert. The average click-through rate is about 5 percent.

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