Tiger of Sweden Logo – This Tiger Goes Back To The Roaring Twenties

Tiger of Sweden Logo – This Tiger Goes Back To The Roaring Twenties

Tiger of Sweden is a clothing manufacturer which was founded in 1903. It made history at the time as the first brand to sell ready-to-wear men’s clothing in Sweden. It has expanded over the years to include women’s and children’s fashions and has stores in Europe, South Africa and Canada.

The well-known product line recently unveiled a re-branding. The Tiger of Sweden logo that had been in use had the face of a tiger sitting above a serif font. The new branding features a tiger illustration with a new typography that includes the year 1903 – to honour the year the company went into business. This new look brand was created by New Archive Studio in Antwerp.


The Creative Director at Tiger of Sweden, Christoffer Lundman, claims that the branding of the product line was in serious need of an update. He worked closely with New Archive on the project saying that the Tiger of Sweden logo that had been in use lacked a certain modern, current, up-to-date, hip and happenin’ feel to it.


With this in mind, I find it interesting that the new Tiger of Sweden loog and branding came from a company called New Archive that drew inspiration from old archives of the company. The tiger part of the new look logo came from a 1920s rendering of the big jungle cat. The wordmark came from Roman capitals used by the brand in the 1960s.


A tweak – actually a new drawing – of the historic tiger created a more dynamic and recognisable animal to tie together with the company name. In other words, if your name has the word ‘tiger’ in it, then the artwork should resemble a tiger. According to Lundman, the previous artwork didn’t exactly conjure up visions of a tiger. To some, the Tiger of Sweden logo looked like a tree. To others, it appeared like a deer.


Needless to say, with that kind of feedback you know you need to go back to the drawing board and make things right. The big difference that resulted was a brand that shows a whole animal rather than just a tiger head. Nothing says confidence like a tiger caught in mid-stride as if it were patrolling a particular part of the jungle.

If there were any significant requirements for this new branding, Lundman says that theTiger of Sweden logo had to somehow connect with the company’s past but also blaze a trail into the future. Where the logo truly scores on the futuristic angle is what New Archive did with the wordmark. The designers there created a custom logotype – once they studied Swedish typography.

The colour scheme also plays well with the historic theme. The Tiger of Sweden logo appears in navy blue on an off-white/yellow background. These colour combinations were frequently used by Tiger of Sweden in the early days of the company.

I am forever impressed with how many companies are revisiting their past with updating of logos and general rebranding exercises. To me, it says that possibly there is a trend developing where long-established businesses are giving their past a nod for surviving well into the internet age which has severely impacted how we shop, communicate and interact.

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