Toblerone Logo – A Mountain of Chocolate With A Hidden ‘Bear’ Secret

Toblerone Logo – A Mountain of Chocolate With A Hidden Bear Secret

Who doesn’t like chocolate?
I know that when I am in the chocolate gift-giving mood I usually turn to the Swiss classic named Toblerone. Not only is the product tasty, it has a unique triangular shape that brands the product in a way that no other chocolate bar can reach.

But did you know that the Toblerone logo has an interesting hidden secret designed into it?


Before I take a bite into that part of the story, let’s visit the history of Toblerone for a moment. The company was founded in Bern, Switzerland by Theodor Tobler. In 1908 his son Jean took over the company and introduced the unique chocolate bar we all know and love to this day.

The name Toblerone is actually a combination of the family name and the Italian word ‘torrone’ which happens to be a type of nougat.

The Matterhorn, a Swiss mountain, apparently was the inspiration for the triangular shape of the chocolate pieces. It wasn’t until 2000 when the famous peak actually became part of the official logo used by Toblerone. You’ll recognise it the moment you see the unique triangular packaging that has contributed to the brand awareness of this product.

Speaking of awareness, did you know the ‘mountain’ branding in the Toblerone logo has a secret hidden within it?

Once I reveal it to you, you’ll never look at the packaging the same ever again.

Hidden within the left side of the mountain is a white bear standing on its hind legs. You won’t be able to miss it as it takes up almost half of the Toblerone logo and stands just about as tall.


Why a hidden bear in the Toblerone Logo?

Well, this is one of those things I truly appreciate about graphic design – when an element can be added that is not clearly visible right away but holds some sort of meaning to the company it represents. Where this kind of treatment stands out the best is that once you see the ‘hidden’ part, you can’t help but see it every time you look at the product from that point forward.

The bear in the Toblerone ‘mountain’ is actually a reference to the birthplace of the yummy chocolate treat. You see, the city of Bern happens to have a bear – a rather menacing looking black one – in the municipal coat of arms. The Toblerone white bear is somewhat less ferocious.

With or without the bear, I know that this product will continue to stand out simply due to the unusual visual branding in the shape of the chocolate and the box it comes in. I doubt there will ever be a rebranding that would change it to a flat bar because that would simply erase much of the appeal.

Plus, if the manufacturer has gone to so much trouble to create the triangular shapes, you know that they also put a lot of care and attention into their product as well.

For me, the Toblerone logo is a pretty sweet story that just melts in my mouth when I tell it.


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