Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ Gets A New Technology Update

On a trip to Amsterdam last year I fell in love…with the city. One feature that really caught my eye was during the annual Light Festival.

The Amsterdam Bridge became the backdrop for Van Gogh’s famous painting titled, ‘Starry Night.’ Thanks to the work of Serbian architects Ivana Jelic and Pavle Petrovic, and roughly 1,400 acrylic rods, the painting came to life.

The rods were lit by small LEDs and when activated, a portion of the Dutch painter’s work glowed. But it glowed above the water and the transparent rods created a dynamic feature that made ‘Starry Night’ appear real. The rods were installed in formations that resembled swirls and if you use your imagination, you can see that they appeared as brushstrokes.

What really impacted me when I saw this outdoor reproduction was how the surrounding landscape – buildings and all  became part of the painting. It worked in such a way that when you looked at it from almost any angle, the trees and architecture added life to the living portrait.


Although Amsterdam happens to have a permanent orange glow created by pollution, the lifelike and inspired take on Van Gogh adds some different colour to the light landscape. I love this type of outdoor art and find it inspiring in my work.

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Photography: © Janus Van Den Eijnden