Wakino Ad Company Renting Advertising Space on Armpits

Wakino Ad Company Renting Advertising Space on Armpits – In Japan Advertising Is The Pits

I’ll be honest with you, I am forever impressed with the creative ways in which some marketers use advertising and promotion. When you consider how often the average person is bombarded with advertising during each and every minute of each day, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out.


Well, leave it to the creative minds of the Japanese to find a new twist that gets people raising their hands to the air in agreement. You’ll see what I mean in a moment.

Enter the marketing firm Wakino Ad Company. Waki is the Japanese work for armpit.

Are you seeing where I’m going with this?

Wakino has come up with a unique way to get advertising into your face during your daily subway commute to and from work. It involves beautiful models, advertising decals and armpits.


Not The First Body Part To Become Ad Space

Before I get into the details on how exactly the armpit marketing strategy works, I want to emphasise that this isn’t the first time a human body part has become ad space. In 2013 thighs were the location of many different types of advertising messages on young women. Bald heads have also become mini billboards in some circles.

So an armpit is well, no sweat as a new marketing tool.

Talk About Target Marketing

I discuss relevance a lot. When designing websites I focus on this in many different ways but with armpit advertising, where do you go for business? Well, Wakino did the exact right thing by selling the pit space to Liberta, a beauty product company that also has an armpit cream in its product line. I think I smell a good idea happening here!


How It Works

Here’s the part that makes it all make sense. In Japan a subway is probably the most used mode of transportation for anyone to move around. The subway cars are typically jam packed with people up to their armpits in well, the cars are heavily populated. The safest way to ride one of the subway cars, if you aren’t lucky enough to get a seat, is standing with a firm grip on an overhead subway strap. This reveals the armpit ad space for all to see within arm’s reach.

Talk About A New Form of Engagement

The idea, according to Wakino, is to have brand ambassadors who ride the subway revealing the armpit ads throughout the day. The models hired to do this work would be expected to provide further information on the product when asked by a curious passenger who couldn’t miss the glaring advertisement aimed at his or her face.

I have to admit I do like the engagement part as feedback would be immediate and brand awareness would piggyback on that. However, I struggle to see how long this will last. Sure, the first couple of skincare clients may benefit from the a-hem, exposure but what then?

Expect to see shaving companies marketing with decals on faces and business companies advertising on fanny packs and briefcases. Where will it all end? Who knows, but for now, with advertising in the pits it is that much closer to just being the pits.

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