Welcome To My Blog

Hi, I’m Toni Marino. Award winning freelance designer, writer and digital marketer.

Forward thinking clients from various industries worldwide have enlisted my help to support the growth of their brands. I combine data and creativity to produce multi-channel marketing campaigns, and global digital experiences to increase your client outreach and maximise the online growth of your brand.

My outcome-focused approach will allow you to find new customers, captivate them and, ultimately, convert them. And once we’ve got them on-board, I will help you to keep your clients engaged and make them brand advocates.

Whether your part of a multi-national company, an independent business venture, or something in between, I would love to hear from you and together we can earn the trust of your future business prospects.

But what does all of this really mean? Well, first, it tells you that I have some credentials. Second, it tells you that I have had some clients.

What it doesn’t tell you is that I really love what I do. Although you may never actually meet me, I will work alongside you to help you to build a better business. I like to use the term “forward thinking” because in today’s world of technology, you really do have to think outside of the box to get noticed and to attract new clients.

My New Website

Over the past 12 months I have been working on my website. I know, if I’m going to try to market myself as a digital marketer, why shouldn’t I build a masterpiece of a website to highlight my work? This website is meant to do just that. It showcases my many success stories as well as my portfolio work. In other words, it is my online resume.

I also have a personal blog as part of my website. I spent months drawing, developing, coding and tweaking the site to look exactly as I wanted. I also wanted it to function in a certain way and I am rather proud of the end result.

I have what I call a ‘black & white’ philosophy. You’ll see it as a reoccurring theme throughout the design of my website. The philosophy is quite simple. It is my work philosophy – keep things simplistic, bold, clear and done with honesty. I also pledge to deliver quality work at the right price. I believe that by being passionate about what I do for my clients, and to be proud of the accomplishments made along the way, I can do great things and possibly make a difference in the world. Even if it’s just at the pace of one website or design at a time.

Since my website went ‘live’ a few months ago, it has already been ranking on Page 1 in searches for some very competitive keywords. This pleases me to no end as it proves to me that I am capable of delivering on my promise to my clients. I want my website to do all the talking for me. So, if it looks good, ranks well and runs smoothly, it should tell you a bit about my skills. It should also be the proof you need that I can do what I say I can do making me a good choice for a freelance marketer.

My Blog

Welcome to my Blog. This is the section of my website where I can truly let my personality come through. It will also help you to understand a little more about why I am so passionate about branding, web design and digital marketing.

I have been posting articles in-between tight deadlines and client meetings to share with you several things. I’ve posted about my own work, some of my interesting clients and some other insights. I will discuss when things have gone well and when they haven’t. It’ll give me a place to review lessons learned, skills acquired and pretty much bits and pieces of knowledge picked up along the way through first-hand experience.

I plan to include tips and tricks for graduates, ideas from the smallest to the largest. I will discuss designs and concepts for marketing that have either blown me away with their creativity or fallen flat without enough creativity. I’ll look at what’s happening in design and marketing around the world and look at other freelancers who are kicking ass. I intend to feature creative ad agencies that have developed amazing logos and promotions. I want to share with you what I am passionate about because it gives me inspiration and insight. Possibly I’ll even expand the Blog one day to allow other creative minds to contribute.

My only hope it that the articles are enjoyed by you and that they give you ideas that can help your business to succeed.

Have a creative idea you would like to discuss for your own marketing plans? I’d love to hear from you. I can even help fill your website with quality content that will drive traffic to your business. If it’s about branding and marketing, I’d be happy to lend you my ear.