Why You Should Use An SEO Consultant To Design Your Website

There are thousands of new websites launched daily in the UK. Without the assistance of a professional SEO Consultant, your website is going to get buried in a sea of others very quickly. But how do you make yours stand out? Well, there are several tricks of the trade and tools used by SEO Consultants that ensure your website gets attention from humans and search engines.

With my years of experience in SEO and Web Design, I know what works and what doesn’t. I am a Google certified SEO Consultant and continue to educate myself on the changing landscape that search engines populate. It is from this knowledge I will share with you what I consider to be the top 8 reasons why your website project should be designed by someone like me.

1. The Perfect Structure of Your Website

When a contractor starts to build a home or building of any kind, they use plans. The plans carefully outline what parts of the building structure will be where. This provides for strength and durability. Well, the very same can be said about web design and development. The structure of that website requires careful consideration. Such elements as the sitemap structure, content with internal linking, keyword density, navigation, page speed and all the other parts of the website have to properly fit into a wire frame that maximises exposure to search engines. It also helps in creating a visually appealing and easy to use website for human visitors.

2. Research-Based Targets

One of the most critical parts of the SEO strategy for your website comes from a massive amount of preparation before the project begins. This should include such data as keyword research with selected keywords to assist with getting the website to hit specific demographic targets, theme research, and other related data. It is with proper homework that the correct foundation can be laid for the website and used to build the initial target marketing programs. Without research-based data, you would be doing not much more than throw darts at random in the dark. With verifiable data, you end up throwing those darts at a defined target.

3. Content That Is SEO Optimised

Although there is no doubt that you will know your product or service far better than I ever will, when I embellish it with specific SEO tools, it doesn’t change the message. It just enables that message to reach more of your potential customers. The right mix of optimisation to your content will attract search engines and keep them coming back. When they do this, they eventually bring you the type of web traffic that converts to new customers for your products.

4. The Need To Make That Website Responsive

A responsive website is one that works just as well on a desktop computer as it does on a tablet or smartphone. This requires designs that work across all platforms and do so seamlessly. Mobile indexing is going to play a big part in your website’s lifespan because so many people these days use their handheld devices to gather information, communicate and shop. To have a fighting chance at reaching those users, your website has to be responsive.

5. A Focus On Page Loading Times

One of the key components of any website is the speed in which any of the pages load onto a viewers screen. The faster it loads, the more likely you will keep the attention of that website visitor. Slow loading pages turn visitors away and with mobile users, pages have to be able to load quickly. This means that high-resolution videos and heavy images are falling by the wayside. Because users seek fast answers, page loading speeds are essential.

6. Then There’s Technical SEO

This is one of the most exciting parts of the job for SEO Consultants like me. Technical SEO is the nuts and bolts of a well-designed website. It includes such things as URL structure, title tags, content optimisation, 301 redirects and all sorts of items that are specific to the language that search engines understand. That’s because search engines see a website in a very different way than you and I do. An SEO Consultant will dress your website so bots can find and crawl it. The more they do that, the better your website will rank. The higher it ranks, the more traffic you will receive.

7. Building For Conversions

While your top priority should be to get your website on Page One of niche-related searches on Google, you really should be focusing on making that website a tool that converts casual visitors into regular customers. That what is meant by the term ‘conversion’ and it really has to be the main reason why you launched your website in the first place. Digital marketing campaigns are what contribute to conversions and an expert SEO Consultant can create successful campaigns.

8. Regular Updating

Once your website is built and maximises all the key components that gets it noticed and leads to conversions there is still more to do. An effective website is only as good as the information contained within it and old, outdated information just starts to turn people away. An SEO Consultant can structure a schedule that will keep your website updated with new and fresh content. Even maybe give it a complete facelift at one point because it will eventually need one.

For Expert Assistance From An SEO Consultant, Call Me

Building a website that effectively represents your business or service is not a simple task. That is especially true if you are using that website to reach potential new and repeat customers. Trust your next website project to an SEO Consultant like me.

I’m Toni Marino and I’d love to hear about your website concept and work with you so it can reach the goals you have set for it. Contact me today so we can discuss how to make that happen. I can be reached via email or Skype. If you are local, the coffee is on me!