Wolves FC Logo – The Wolves Kick Off A New Brand

Wolves FC Logo – The Wolves Kick Off A New 3D Brand

The Wolverhampton Wanderers FC – known locally as just the Wolves – has had a glorious season. The team took the Championship and earned a promotion to the Premier League. You could say that they have been scoring a number of victories on and off the field.

In an effort to build on that momentum, the design agency SomeOne was commissioned to create a new and dynamic brand. However, the design had to contain two key elements. First, it had to acknowledge the team’s history in some way. The Wanderers aka Wolves have been a fixture in local sports since they joined the Football League in 1888. Second, since the team has new owners – the Fosun Group of China – the branding had to have some kind of angle that indicated a move into the future.


What the design team did next was quite interesting. They consulted with people – but not just designers and marketing types. Instead, SomeOne pulled in fans and others who are involved with the team for input and feedback.

The designers knew they were not going to change the Wolves FC logo (Wolf Face) completely, but chose to give it an extreme makeover instead. The end result was a 3D rendering inspired by the ironmongery history that runs deep in the veins of Wolverhampton. The treatment gave the club a marketable visual identity to appear on everything from tickets and website home pages to banners, t-shirts and coffee mugs.



Designer Tim Green said that they were not going to replace the team’s iconic badge but used it to inspire the creative and innovative 3D imagery. Green says that the 3D wolf – noting the version where the animal’s eyes are lit – bring a competitive spirit and depth to the logo that does not come through in any of the current ‘flat’ formats.

But there’s more!

SomeOne went into overtime with the second part of the project.

The designers created two different bespoke typefaces. Both were based on the new 3D wolf and each has a name. They are officially known as Wolves Display and Wolves Display Cut.


The designer on that part of the job, Ian Dawson, says the typeface pays homage to the industrial heritage of Wolverhampton which resulted in a bold and condensed styling.

“By using the geometric forms of the eyes, we began removing cuts and angles from the letterforms.”

The unique, one-of-a-kind typeface gives the club a distinctive voice in word marks that will be identified as coming from this particular wolf pack.


I love both parts of the new look branding as each can standalone and still represent the Wanderers FC. There is also something about bespoke typefaces. When they are done right, they can easily become an iconic branding of their own. The Wolves Display Cut typeface stands out to me specifically as an example to demonstrate the point I just made.

The letters and numbers do much more than howl at you. They demonstrate that instead of circling the competition, they end up leading the way which spells success.

Credit: someoneinlondon.com, Creative Review, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

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